Decision Train

By Inside the D Hockey

“At the end of every feeling there is nothing, but at the end of every principal is a promise” – Eric Thomas

The 2 models to the Decision Train:

Feelings ——-> Actions ——–> Decisions (Most People)

Decisions ——> Actions ——–> Feelings (Top Performers)

The top 5% make decisions first regardless of how they feel. And when they decide something that’s what they will do, and it doesn’t matter how they feel.

From their definite decision they take action first and feel amazing afterwards. One of the biggest ways to build self esteem is to do what you say you are going to do.


The most successful people make choices and decisions based off who they want to become (their vision) vs being uncomfortable in the moment (their feelings)

Start by making decisions based off your standards you have set for yourself instead of your emotions or feelings. Typically your feelings, when it comes to training and playing, won’t help you at all and will ultimately hold you back from you for-fulling your true potential.

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