About us

Inside the D Hockey is the brain child of nationally recognised hockey coach, Peter Tait. As a Premier League coach, Peter was named Sydney’s Hockey Coach of the year in 2011 and 2017 and has won numerous premier league premierships as both a coach and player.

As a coach Peter’s main focus is not about medals, winning or titles, its about players focusing on development and improvement.

Peter has played and coached at elite level and is a AHA Advanced Hockey coach (Level 3), state selector and coach and is passionate about sport and athlete development both physically and mentally.

Peter is also a qualified Mental Toughness trainer

Working with athletes across varying ages, Peter has noticed that the same techniques he used to train the best players works with his younger players. It is this experience, knowledge and expertise that led Peter to design Inside the D Hockey for hockey players and coaches as well as offer mental toughness training through his website www.sportsmentaltoughnesscoach.com.au 

In our content we don’t just limit our focus to individual skills we also provide strength, speed, mindset, nutrition and coaching resources to give the complete picture of what a athlete should have.


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