Insights of winning coaches: some of the most important tricks of the trade

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Across the years there have been many coaches that have stood above the rest. They have come to revolutionize the world of sports with their personalities, their insights and their way of living and breathing the game and their desire for excellence and the glorious win.

While many of these coaches are different, with different messages, different styles and demeanors, we can share some outstanding messages that can help us step up our game and become better at everything we do on the field.

  • Focus on the basics: First things first, young athletes need to learn and practice the basics of the sport so these truly become second nature to them. It’s important that they know this so their morale is not being diminished by so much repetition and hard work. It’s also important that as they learn and take care of themselves on the field, they do the same off the field. This becomes very important when we factor in what we eat, if we sleep and rest enough, if we are emotionally stable away from sports, etc. All of this contributes to setting the groundwork for success.


  • Manage motivation: Motivation in every athlete, but especially young athletes, is an important part of meeting the desired goals and being the best we can be. And it’s important to note that motivation is not only connected to winning, but always doing our best and being 100% in the game every single time. There are as many ways to create motivation in a team as there are ways to paint a picture. The most important thing is that this way works for the team.


  • Focus on the strengths of the team: When we focus on strengths rather than weaknesses we are creating a more self-secure, intelligent and focused athlete. The more each athlete recognizes their own strengths and applies them when needed, it will be more likely that the team will win and have fun while doing it.


  • The way that works is the right way: There are many styles of leadership and many ways to take a team into victory. Teaching the same thing to a team can vary in the way we choose to communicate and interact. In this regard, the best way is the way that works for your team. The best approach is to focus on the dynamic of the team, of the players that the coach has, and apply the best style for this group and optimize the abilities of the team. While adapting ourĀ  leadership style and changing the way we do things depending on the members of the team is difficult, it pays off in having a better, stronger team.


  • Know when to push, know when to praise: Team sports can be rough and serious business, especially when played at the high performance level. Success is demanded, winning is the norm. It’s important for the coach to push each member of the team and the team collectively to get the best out of them, to get something that even they did not know that they had in them. But it’s also important for the coach to know when pushing more will only make thing worse and burn their players out. This is where praise, communication and being able to let go come in handy. This allows the coach, the players and the team to grow organically into an amazing force to be reckoned with.

The more a coach can focus on bringing the best out of their team and truly working with them to succeed, the more valuable and enhancing the whole experience will be for everyone.

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